Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!

Continuing our Disney countdown with favorite family memories.....

This pic was taken at the Toy Story ride in Hollywood Studios.  There are scenes and characters from the movies and targets that are worth different points.  The older kids get competitive and Jay doesn't want any of them to beat him, either!  (You can see from the picture that Jay has his 'game face on!')

Peter doesn't really play the game but he really enjoys the ride.  Toy Story is one of his favorite movies!  

Toy Story has always been a family favorite.  Mike and Andrew always loved, and reminded us of, Woody and Buzz when they were little!  "To infinity and beyond" was the phrase 2 yo Andrew would yell from the top of the couch as he jumped off....and Mike was all wiggly, jiggly arms and legs!