Friday, April 26, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

This week has felt like it lasted for-ev-er!  It has certainly had its challenges!  Today is another very busy day...Andrew is going to Courtney's Senior Prom tonight and Jon is going with Courtney's best friend.(as friends:)  We have tickets to go to the girls' fundraising gala tonight, too!  I have been looking forward to getting dressed up and having some alone time with Jay!  But it isn't looking too good right now:(  Peter is still running a fever and Kate has a terrible cold and is clingy and miserable so I don't know if I will be able to leave her.  I'm holding out a little hope to at least get out for a couple of hours....but I'm thinking that my boogie-smeared black sweater is as dressy as I'm going to get tonight!

Sigh...the sacrifices of motherhood!

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 211)

#1:  Disney Magic
It's hard to believe that last week at this time we were in Disney enjoying another much needed pool day!
Time in the pool, dinner in Downtown Disney at the Rainforest, a little shopping, and ice cream at Ghiradelli's....a full and magical day, indeed!
Silly pic!

Kate enjoying her free Ghiradelli square!

Sarah feeding her cookie dough obsession!

#2:  Our Last Vacation Day
We spent the majority of our last vacation day in the Magic Kingdom.  We did the rides in Tomorrow Land, a few in Fantasy Land that we hadn't gotten to earlier in the week, and did a couple of favorites over again.....
Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain for Jay and the older kids and the Bear Country Jamboree for Luke and Kate!  Luke and Kate loved that little was super cute to watch their faces:)

Luke and Mom on Dumbo...we were "low buddies" bc neither of us likes to go high!

Kate ran out of gas and it was only 11am!

Jon and Peter were not 'low buddies!"

Sarah on the Racetrack ride...
(Jon was behind her and annoyed her for most of the course!)

Kate and Luke in the Country Bear Jamboree...Luke is glued to the stage!

Racetrack ride buddies!(I need a chiropractor after Peter's driving!)

#3  Perry the Platypus
Jon was obsessed with Perry the Platypus..he got a towel, a shirt and a Christmas tree ornament!
Perry is a secret agent from the tv show Phineas and's cute!
Sarah and Jon begged us to let them play an interactive game in Epcot where they get a phone that gives them clues to help Perry defeat evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz!  
Jay gave in(after all, it is vacation!) and Jon, Sarah and Ellie spent the next hour and a half solving mysteries.
Their favorite was stopping Doofenshmirtz from making 'misfortune cookies' in China!
Jay followed them around to keep an eye on them...
...and snacked his way around the World Showcase at the same time!

#4:  Home Again
It was so hard getting home again and having to face the real world!
Peter cried:(...he loves Disney!

#5:  National Junior Honor Society 
Sarah received a $200 from the NJHS!  She was so happy and we are very proud of her!

#6:  More Motrin Please
Luke, Kate, and Peter have all had turns being sick this week with a virus that starts out as a fever for 2 to 3 days and then ends with a doozy of a sinus cold with cough!! (insert eye roll here!)

#7:  A College Decision!(finally)
With the May 1st deadline looming, Mike was finally able(with much angst) to get all of his questions answered!  So last night he made his decision and....drumroll please! year he will be going to....
Assumption College!
We are happy for him...but he has sucked the emotional energy out of me this week!  
I have been praying that he ends up where he is supposed to be...and I think this is God's answer!
Thank God it's over! least for a couple of months until we have to start the process all over again with Jon!!!!!
God give me strength...and a drink...and chocolate!

 Hope you all have a great (and healthy!) weekend!