Monday, April 22, 2013

One Week

Sorry for the sporadic posts, but we were away on vacation!  We had a great time, although in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy I feel guilty about posting about our good time and favorite family memories.

My heart is still heavy for the hurt, loss, fear, and anger that happened one week ago today.  It seems wrong to go about my normal life when so many people will never have their "normal life" back again!  Figuring out a "new normal" is not easy...I know that from experience.  Healing takes time.

It feels almost disrespectful to post about fun things when there is so much hurt felt throughout our whole country.  Living only an hour away from Boston, everything happened right in my "backyard".  I had a couple of close friends that were at the Marathon but, thankfully, not at the finish line.

I can't wait to share my happy memories of the last 10 days with you!  

But, for today, my heart and prayers are with those that are hurting on this one week anniversary.