Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Mickey Cow Incident

I still have a heavy heart for those suffering in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.  It's hard to just go on as 'business as usual' when a tragedy hits close to home!  In about 30 seconds I will be settling into bed with 2 little munchkins, and I can't say that I mind so much right now!  Knowing they are safe and next to me makes me feel good right now!
This pic is a reminder of one of the most famous of Disney memories for our family.  The trip we took when Jon was 2, Andrew was 3, and Mike was 5, we went to Fort Wilderness to see their small farm set up and playground. 
Mike loved cows when he was little!  He always wanted to go for rides near our home to see the cows in the fields. 
This particular cow, dubbed "the mickey cow" because of his unique black spot that looks like Mickey's head(and made his owner quite a bit of $ since he was wanted by Disney!), was something Mike was excited to see.  We all stood at the fence while Mike was standing on the fence with his head leaning over and was mooing to it. 
At one point it started walking over to us which got Mike really excited and had him mooing even louder.
Well....I guess the cow did not like Mike and/or his cow imitation because he walked right up to him and head butted him.  Poor Mike started crying...cows have big heads!  Fortunately, Mike only ended up with a scratch low on his forehead.(We called it his third eyebrow for the rest of the trip!)
After that, cows weren't as special to Mike!  Poor little guy!