Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

We had a great weekend that was definitely chock full!  The most special part of the weekend was the Baptism of my new goddaughter, Evie!  It was extra special since yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday, too!
Isn't she such a little cutie!

Today is a very special day, too!  It is Ellie's 10th birthday!  I cannot believe that she is double digits today!  Ellie is such a sweet and loving little girl.  She loves with all her heart and she wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is definitely the most sensitive of all of our kids!

Ellie has big blueberry blue eyes that are definitely her most striking feature!  When she was a baby, wherever I brought her people were just sucked in by those giant blue eyes!  
Ellie as a flower girl in my sister's wedding when she was 3.

Ellie has always been a snuggler(still is:)...and a Daddy's girl!  

Before it turned darker when she was 4, her hair was super blonde.  When we put it into pigtails, she looked like Cindy Lou Hoo!

Until she was two, the only word she really said was 'da da'.  Let me assure you that she has spent the last 8 years making up for lost time!

It's not easy being Ellie sometimes!  With 3 teenage brothers and a teenage sister, sometimes everyone is bossing her around!  Ellie is so tall that the teenagers forget that she's still just a little girl...chatty, loud and excited about everything.  They expect her to act like a teenager and I'm constantly reminding them of the way they acted when they were Ellie's age and to let her be a little kid!

Ellie loves to play basketball, read, sing(all the time), and do crafts with Sarah.  Ellie and Sarah are very close.  Sarah was so happy to have a sister when Ellie was born!  Having four brothers was not easy!  The girls have very different personalities that sometimes make sharing a room difficult!(Sarah is very neat and Ellie, well, isn't!)  But, overall, they get along very well!

Ellie is the best big sister!  She is so loving with Luke and Kate.  Ellie was the baby of the family for 6 years before Luke came along, but she had no struggles adjusting to her new role!  When I was pregnant with Kate, she prayed to have a sister that had blue eyes like her....and God answered her prayers:)
Luke and Kate both love their big sister!  They seek her out and Ellie is very patient with them!  

Happy 10th Birthday, Ellie!
You are a special little girl and we love you very much!