Monday, April 29, 2013

Not Wanting to See the Weekend End!

This was the first weekend that we've been home in a few weeks.  It was nice to have a productive weekend!  With Jay's help and motivation, we got the family room de-cluttered and organized.  We also went through parts of Peter's room and our room and threw out/donated several bags.

It felt so nice to accomplish something!  With the crazy schedule and having a baby and a toddler, it is sooo hard to get things done around here.  Just keeping up with the laundry and the dishes is a herculean task!  I've been feeling like I'm drowning in housework and clutter all.the.time!

After the weekend, it feels a little better!  I still have quite the to-do list, but , in reality, I always will!

Kate's still hanging onto a cold and is cutting her last eye tooth(Oh, please come quickly!), so she is still super grumpy and clingy!  Taking care of her is a lot less stressful, though, since we accomplished so much over the weekend and, at least a couple parts of the house, look neat and tidy.

So, special thanks to my husband for all the help and encouragement!

Hope your Monday is going as good as a Monday can go!