Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas.....

Twas the day after Christmas,
when all through our home,
not a room was uncluttered,
with plastic, paper and foam

The stockings were emptied,
all over the floor,
bags of paper and cardboard,
were piled high by the door.

Tired faces are many,
from waking too soon,
little things often ignored,
are now ugly moments of gloom.

Goodies and treats,
are seen all around,
kids search through the bags,
til their newest treasures are found.

Kids on vacation,
enjoying their toys,
issues with sharing,
leads to loud, screechy noise.

Toys put together,
not quite a snap,
And really all I want,
is to take a nice nap!

Moments like these don't come every day,
kids (mostly) at home,
ready to play,

Milling around,
oh what will they do,
candy, and Risk, and some videos, too.

Waiting for Daddy,
to get home for the night,
our tag team approach,
makes everything right!