Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hope...and Somehow Things Always Work Out

Today, I felt God's touch through our pastor's homily.  Actually, from the 2 sentences I actually heard from our pastor's homily.  I missed the readings and the Gospel because of 3 children that are outnumbering us and making it impossible challenging to actually pay attention while we are at church.

Kate has found her voice...and her screech!  Once she realized that the church echoes, it was all over!  Now , distraction with crackers, or toys, or nursing only lasts so long.

Luke is that very difficult 3 year old stage of a rambunctious little boy.  Sitting still for him is a challenge.  Playing quietly with the trucks he chooses to bring is a challenge.  He does not whisper and he is very wiggly.

Peter is Peter.  He is always wiggly.  He does not whisper.  He is obsessing over several phrases and sounds and says them over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.!  Then there is always the random standing up and turning around.  I always feel bad for the people around us.  Although, really, most people that are regulars know who we are, (we're pretty hard to miss), so I guess if they choose to sit around us it just is what it is.

Trying to keep the three of them quiet is so much work.  Paying attention is so hard, so bits and pieces of things is all that we hear.  The very few bits and pieces that I heard was an extra difficult day....came from our pastor's homily and included the word hope multiple times and the idea that 'somehow things always seem to work themselves out.'

It was a good message for me after the week we just came off of.  Thankfully, the difficult moment that we faced seemed to have fizzled out.  By tomorrow afternoon we should know for sure.  While I feel a great amount of relief, I'm still dealing with and trying to work through the whirlwind of emotions I'm still feeling.  I feel like a boxer that won a fight but still has to deal with all the cuts and bruises and pain in the days that follow.

But I will choose to focus on the (very few) words I heard this morning:  "Hope"...."and somehow things always work out."

...and I'm making a visual rewards chart for Peter for Mass next week to see if we can improve his behavior.    And I think we will be sitting in the back for a while.  And I think Kate and Luke will be spending  a lot of time in the 'cry room'.  Peter might end up there, too!
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