Friday, December 21, 2012

Looking at the Blessings Within the Speedbumps

I am still in denial that Christmas is only 3 short days away!  I continue to try and keep on my schedule for shopping and baking while keeping up with the laundry and the dishes and the rides to and from basketball!  (All without losing the holiday spirit!)

Tonight I hit a speed bump.  Thankfully, I have spent my time laughing over it and not crying!

A couple of days ago, I was playing with Luke and Kate on the floor and Kate hit me right in the teeth with a Thomas train she was holding in her hand.  My two front teeth, which were shattered when I was in 8th grade in an incident that involved a classmate diving over me and hitting my head hard enough to smash my mouth against the cement wall, felt "not right".

Fast forward to tonight around 9pm and I was sitting at the computer checking my emails when I pushed my tongue against my teeth, which still didn't feel right, and a chunk broke right off!

I am absolutely serious!

Three days before Christmas....on a Friday night...and I have a broken front tooth!  I look like I belong on that show "Moonshiners" that I have had to suffer through watch because my teenage sons think it's hysterical!

Never mind a Christmas outfit...I will just find a pair of farmer jeans!

The first thought through my head....super glue!

My second of my best friends is a dental hygienist.  No answer at her house.

My third thought....we have a family that we are friends with through the kid's school and the dad is a dentist.  So I called him...asked about the super glue.  Turns out it's a no-go because our mouths secrete an enzyme that breaks down super glue.

Thankfully, this wonderful man, who is not supposed to work until after Christmas, is going to fix my tooth tomorrow morning.  I am so grateful....the blessing within the speedbump:)  Thank-you, Dr. Gomes!

So even though my baking list is a mile long, tomorrow morning will be spent fixing my smile.  And that is ok!

Guess I can wear my Christmas outfit after all!

Jay's reaction, other than laughter...."You're the prettiest red neck looking woman I know!"  Thanks, honey! Then he said that I reminded him of the gopher from Winnie-the-Pooh because it sounds funny when I say the "s" sound.:/

"All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" takes on a whole new meaning!

I hope you get a good laugh at my expense:)  Sometimes comic relief comes from unexpected moments!
How does this fit into my 2012 Advent Challenge?  Well, I am grateful that I had the peace to not freak out over my broken tooth and I am thankful for our family friend who is taking his personal time to fix it for me.  God must be at work if I can still be calm despite the interruption in my lengthy to do list....and the way I look with a broken front tooth!