Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Weekend Flies By!

Christmas is fast approaching....and it's coming at a much faster pace then my ability to get things done on my to-do list.  Somehow, I am not freaking out at all over least yet!  It is the season of miracles after all!

This weekend certainly had its ups and downs.

Friday night we  went to the Christmas pageant concert that Ellie was in at her school.  It was very nicely done with the focus on the real reason for the season:)

On Saturday Jay discovered that our sump pump had burned out....several days earlier!  Our basement was covered with a foot of water.  That was not a pleasant surprise.  It derailed the plans of the entire afternoon.  Jay was in the middle of building a train table for Luke to go with his Christmas presents of Thomas accessories.  He was supposed to bring the girls out for some Christmas shopping and a daddy/daughter dinner later on in the afternoon, but that had to get postponed, too.

There was disappointment all around:(

But, honestly, after what happened in CT last week, what's a little disappointment?

On Sunday, we had a little family party for Kate since it is her first birthday this week!  How can a year go by so fast?

After a few minutes of initial shyness over all the attention, Kate was all smiles and babbles!

Kate loved her gifts...some great new toys and some really cute clothes!  She loved the butterfly cake that her Grandma made.  Jay's mom's cake is always the family request for birthdays!  It's really no surprise that Kate loved it!

 This was Kate and my grandfather, Pepere, entertaining each other:)

In regards to my 2012 Advent Challenge, last night what inspired me was just a feeling of peace and joy...a football game was on and being watched by the teenagers, the girls were reading and chilling, Jay was laying on the floor building with legos with Luke, and Kate was sitting in the middle of the lego bin kicking her little legs and having a great time!  Life really doesn't get much better than that!  My, and healthy, and all together...priceless!