Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Why is it that, as moms, we can do dozens of things right every day and still only focus on the couple of mistakes we made in that same day?  Too often I let what's left on my "to-do" list dictate how I feel about myself.  When I feel inadequate, I feel angry at myself and then I usually end up yelling at one of the kids over something superficial.(And then I feel guilty for yelling!)

So, what triggers my "I feel like a bad mom syndrome"?  One of the worst things is when one of the kids outgrows something and I didn't realize it and now they don't have what they need.  That definitely triggers the "how could I not have noticed...I'm such a bad mom" feeling.  Another example is when I'm running late to drop them off or pick them up from practice.  That triggers the "I'm an irresponsible mom" feeling.  Another example is when I forget to make something for a class party.  That brings on the "I'm such a lazy parent and my kid won't feel special" syndrome.

My absolute worst "failure" as a mom is that I almost always forget to put tissues in my purse when I go to church!  Nothing makes me feel like a bad mom more than when my kid sneezes in the middle of Mass, has an obvious need for a tissue, and I can't even come up with a dirty one to give them!  Numerous times some kind women in the pew in front or behind us notices our predicament and comes to the rescue with a tissue.  (And not just a tissue that has been scrunched and wadded in the bottom of her purse either!  I'm talking about a nice, neat tissue that comes out one at a time out of one of those small plastic packages!  That's the sign of an ultimate mom!)  Then there are the times my kid has had to walk though the church covering their nose with their hand to get a paper towel.  That's like announcing to everyone "I have snot on my face because I have a mom that can't even remember to stuff a tissue in her purse!"  Sigh...ultimate failure!

Who knew that a tissue held so much power?!?