Monday, March 26, 2012

Picture Clutter

Jay glanced at our bookshelf today and one of the books caught his eye.  He asked me about it..."Are we Absolutely Organized?"  I laughed...this morning our house was absolutely UNorganized!  There were 2 unwashed cookie sheets from last night's dinner on the counter, this morning's breakfast dishes in the sink, three loads of laundry piled in the laundry room waiting to be folded, three loads of laundry waiting to be washed, the living room rug needed to be vacuumed, there was clutter on the dining room table, and our bedroom....well, lets just say it needs a major clutter overhaul! 

Since Jay took off today for us to spend time together, I was not going to be able to get to the messes right away.  Cleaning up the general clutter is definitely not my idea of quality alone time!  Disengaging from the way the clutter emotionally is not easy to do.  I always wished that there were laundry fairies and dish fairies but, alas, I always return home to the same piles of dirty clothes and dishes!  (Maybe they do exist but get to my house and think, "No, way!  This house is not worth it!":)

I just need two free hands and about an hour to get the house more organized.  Well, except my bedroom...that needs an entire morning of attention on a day I am feeling very motivated!  But I will get to the laundry and clutter clean up in the main rooms.  What's really been bothering me are all our pictures.  In the past I had been extremely good about staying on top of putting pictures in photo albums.  When I was pregnant I would always spend time before the baby came putting all the pictures I had in albums.  Well, there are six years between Ellen and Luke, so things got pretty ugly!  At one point I organized years worth of photos into shoeboxes by season or special event.  But that was a couple years ago.  Peter likes to look at photo albums and sometimes takes unorganized envelopes of pictures and spreads them on the table to  look at them.  Sometimes he takes out multiple envelopes and, before we notice, has them all spread out and mixed together.  So I am going to be doing a lot of "name that baby" and trying to figure out how old kids are in different pictures.  It's like detective work...Have they lost their two front baby teeth?  What color are the walls in whatever room the picture is being taken?, etc.

It's one of those tasks that the longer you wait the worse it gets.  It doesn't help that our digital camera holds almost 2,000 photos and it's practically full too.  I have been making slow strides with that, though...Jay showed me how to upload the pics onto the computer and I opened an online account to I just have to take the time to choose the photos and send them in to be developed!  Technology is SO not my thing!

Its bothering me and on my heart to organize the photos and write down some of the special memories that we have that the kids have said or done.  I am determined to tackle this project!  I think I will get the girls to help me over the summer, too.  It will be fun going through the pictures together.  Now, all I need to do is get some photo albums......