Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shopping with an (almost) teenager

Yesterday I got to spend some special time with Sarah doing one of my favorite  Sarah has grown several inches this year and had outgrown all of her spring clothes.  So we took Kate and headed to the Galleria.

It was a bittersweet moment when we passed by all the kids stores:(.  Her preference has now completely turned towards the stores geared for teens.  The first store we went to was Aeropostale.  It takes some extra work to shop for summer clothes for girls.  There are so many "short shorts" and half-shirts and innappropriate tank tops.  We were able to find quite a few things that she liked.  I was happy to get out of the store, though.  The music was so loud that we were shouting to each other when we were right next to each other!  I know I am officially "old" when I think music is too loud!

We finished our shopping in the Junior's Department at JCPenney.  Sarah did a good job picking out an Easter Dress and a bathing suit.  We got a pair of dress shoes and some flip flops and were done.

It was nice spending time with Sarah.  She's growing and changing so fast.  It's exciting to see.  It's definitely a little sad, too.  Having Kate to dress in cute baby clothes helps, though.  At least I can still get my occassional Gymboree fix!    

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Nancy said...

It is such a big challenge finding modest clothing for young girls! Since I had 3 boys shopping was never challenging. Kaitlyn is 8 and I am finding it very difficult to find appropriate clothing. I can't even imagine when she becomes a teen. And I totally agree with you about the loudness of the music!