Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Mornings We Are On Plan D By Breakfast

Today we had a morning best described by something I read from Kimberly Hahn several years ago...
"Some mornings we are on plan D by breakfast!" 

After a rough night cleaning a throw up bucket, half sleeping waiting for Mike to get home from a basketball game in NH, and the usual wake-ups to settle Luke and nurse Kate, the morning started late and the dreary weather matched my sluggish mood.  Kate was feeling grumpy and Luke was crying and I didn't have Peter's lunch together when the "minivan bus" pulled up out front to pick him up.  I could definitely feel myself losing patience quickly and getting snappy.  Feeling the very negative path I was beginning to slide down, and not wanting that to set the tone for the day, I tried to take a deep breath and to focus on more positive thoughts.  Yes, the kitchen was a disaster but I would get to it.  Yes, Luke was being 2...his two favorite phrases are "I do it mysewf," and "I hewp you"(which is really no help at all!:), but I still managed to wash his hands and get him dressed.  Yes, Kate was grouchy, but she was just gassy(my fault for making quessadillas last night!), but after a little bit of walking around and a little more nursing she fell to sleep in my arms.  Thankfully, even though Sarah is still under the weather, she is no longer vomiting. 

So, with Peter off to school,  a movie on of Sarah's choice, Luke snuggled in next to me and Kate  asleep in my arms, I was able to thank God amidst the chaos.(What better feeling is there than gazing at a beautiful little baby snuggled in your arms fast asleep!?!)  After a little while I even managed to have breakfast and clean off the island from breakfast and lunch making!

 I'm trying to be grateful for the little things while living in the moment.   Though I failed initially, I'm thankful I was able to reel it in before it became the backdrop to the entire day.(At least this time!:)  Hopefully I can feel this way when everyone is home though February vacation next week!