Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looking For Hope...And A Good Night's Sleep!

It is Day 5 of vacation and I am officially "done".  After days of vomit and sleep deprivation, I have finally hit a wall.  I am grateful no one has been sick for 48 hours, but Luke slept lousy last night and when I was sleeping I had nightmares.   I have had too many nights of bad sleep in a row and am feeling very burned out.  Thankfully, I was having some moms over to talk about The Happiness Project  today, which kept me from wallowing in self-pity and yelling at my kids all day! 

Being with them made me think about how important hope is and how God's timing is definitely not necessarily always when I think things would be best.  And what's good is that seeing how God is working in my friends' lives....especially in the answers to their struggles and hardships...uplifts me and encourages me even when the changes don't have anything to do with me.  It makes me feel hopeful that God will continue to do good things in my life and that He has special "surprises" and gifts for me and for my family.  You know that feeling you get when you just know without a doubt that the way something works out can only be from God and you just feel so grateful and close to Him when that happens?  I definitely love the warm, fuzzy feelings that brings me to feel that God is close and fills my heart in that moment.  It re-focuses me and gives me strength to get through the everyday struggles and difficulties that life throws at me during which I usually don't "feel" God but choose to remember and believe that He is there and taking care of me. 

I'm hoping that His plans for me tonight include a good night sleep!!!