Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Living in the Moment

We made it through vacation week!  One more day and back to our normal schedules!  I'm looking forward to our regular routines...and a break from cartoons! 

Jonathan turned 16 yesterday and I can't believe that I have 3 sons that will be driving!  The driving milestone is definitely my least favorite of all the developmental milestones so far!  There's just so much worry involved...and now it will be times three!  It is exciting to see them growing up and becoming their own person...seeing the paths that God is leading them on.  It seems like just yesterday that they were all little and making up zoo games in their room together.  Now they sit around watching the GOP debates and ESPN. 

I think I am more grateful for their presence right now because I know it won't be too long until that changes.  Between work, school, and sports, most days they aren't home all that much as it is.  I guess it's good training in letting go....but I am not looking forward to when we are no longer together for at least a few minutes each day.  Knowing that change is coming I am really trying to hold on to the little memories and time we do have together.  It is very good practice for living in the moment....