Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Long Night....

I was never much of a Star Trek fan...but last night I could hear the Capt.'s voice in my head..

"Captain's log...they are dropping like flies.  Vomit everywhere.  Send reinforcements."

It did make me laugh a little while poor Luke threw up every 45 minutes between 1 and 830.  He threw up in my bed first(one set of sheets and blankets...thank God for our large front loader washer!), went through four sheets from his bed, four pairs of pj's, and a couple shirts for me too!  Thankfully, it's a fast moving virus but he is now tired(read:  whiny) and hungry and doesn't understand why he can't have a grilled cheese sandwich!

Needless to say, there wasn't much sleep happening last night!  I am definitely sluggish today...and short tempered.  Peter got sick three times before dinner yesterday but was in rare form with his brown towel obsession this morning!  He wants everyone to use the brown towels so that he can wash the brown towels but because he was sick last night the brown towels stayed in  a clean basket and everyone used the other towels in the bathroom closet this morning.  So he was obsessing over the towels saying "Ellie use a brown towel"..to which I answer, "She will tonight when she showers," and "Lukie use a brown towel" to which I answer, "He will tonight after his bath."...you get the idea.  I definitely snapped at him twice(and that was before 7), and I realized we were in for a long day.  So I prayed for patience while in the shower(quiet time!), and determined to have extremely low expectations for today(LAUNDRY!!!).  I'm on load three...only 3 more to go.  (As long as there are no further incidents!) 

...Did I mention I'm grateful for my washing machine!!!