Monday, February 16, 2015

S.O.S.: Stop (the) Oppressive Snow!

Well, the 8-10 inches of snow that was in our forcast for Saturday to Sunday turned into 22 inches(!)...with drifts 3 feet +!   There is just snow everywhere!  Another 1-5 inches is predicted for tomorrow and possibly more on the weekend!  This has been a rough several weeks for New England!

I will just end up whining my way through this post, so I will let the pictures speak the story!
There used to be stairs leading out the door!

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Snow more than halfway up the sliders, now!

Jay shoveling a path to get to the snowblower!

Look at the size of those icicles!

A few more inches and we will have an inground pool!

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Ellie stuck in the deep snow!


Icicle Harpoons?!?

At least they were having fun...I'm not sure they did much shoveling!

 I don't know where the knob is to turn off the snow machine but I sure wish someone would find it!