Monday, February 2, 2015

A "Super" Ending

It's a very happy Monday in the Hamel house because of these guys....

When Butler made this play....

the cheer from my kids shook the house!  Jon leaped up from the couch and jumped around the house until he enveloped Jay in a giant bear hug with both of them whooping in excitement and a bit of shock!  (Then Jon remembered that his girlfriend was still sitting on the couch and he went over and hugged her, too!:)

The game was a nail biter.  There were lots of moments that made us think that it would end badly for the Patriots!  Jay walked in and out of the room during the first 3 quarters.  He spent lots of time doing dishes because he couldn't stand to just sit and watch the game.  Then he would just run back and forth according to our "cheers or boos" to catch the replay!

At least my kitchen got clean.....:)  When he ran out of dishes I thought I would have to contact some friends and send him over to their house to do their dishes!

There were a few notable quotes from our house during the game!

Kate: (After the Patriot's first touchdown)  Mommy, that man catch'ded the ball!  Touchdown!  That was good.  I clapped.

She was super cute!

Then there was Sarah, who is not into sports at all!
Sarah:(After Gronk's touchdown catch..singing to the tune from Beauty and the Beast)  When I was a boy I ate 4 dozen eggs every morning to help me get laaaarge!"
Jay:  Only Sarah could make a Gaston analogy in a football game!

Jon:  The year I was born, the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl and when I was 5 the Patriots won the SuperBowl.  The year Luke was born the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl and now he's 5 and they won!  Pretty cool!'s like all those crazy stats they talk about....It they play the game after the full moon, and both receivers are named Dashon and the teams both have animal mascots then the quarterback that ate spaghetti the night before the game will win!

I think I missed my calling;)

When Butler caught the reception, I posted on Facebook that the Hamel Family were all buying Butler jerseys!  Except for Mike...because every.single.time Mike buys a jersey the player gets traded or severely injured!

And that's not a stat I made up!

The weather is lousy here again...more snow, then rain, then more snow:(.  School was cancelled and Jay has to drive around in this mess...home care in the winter is not the best job!  But, last night when the game ended and Jay and Andrew stayed up until after midnight watching all the post game conferences and interviews(and tried to get their heart rates back to normal!), Jay said:  "No matter how much snow we get and how crappy the driving is tomorrow, I will be happy because the Patriots won and I can listen to sports radio all day!"

That about sums it up!  "Tom Terrific" did it again....with a lot of help from his friends!:)