Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend!

Happy 4th of July!  

This week was certainly no where near as exciting as last week!  It's nice to have everyone home, although the 3 older boys have been so busy with their jobs and friends that they have barely been around!

Here's our weekly round-up!

1. Field Trips
I had a few things planned in my head for this week to do with the kids that were around...and interested.  On Monday, we went to a library in the neighboring town for a change of scenery and because they had Magic School Bus videos on DVD.(Our library only has Magic School Bus on VHS and our VCR kicked the bucket a while ago!)

I had planned to take them to a local water pad and an early morning playground trip before the sun made the slides too hot on other days during the week.  Those plans got squashed due to......
2.  More Sickos
Luke and Kate both had fevers on Tuesday.  Luke's fever started late Monday night and Kate started to fade by mid-morning on Tuesday.  The fevers were really high.  Kate had a fever of 102 only halfway through her dose of Motrin so I had to alternate with Tylenol, too.  Their last dose of motrin was on Tuesday night at 11.  On Wednesday am they woke up fever free and ready to play!

Then....dun, dun, dun....I noticed Luke was starting with a rash on his hands and the underside of his forearms.  Ugh!!!  

My go-to friend for medical questions, Laura(an ER nurse), told me that her little one wasn't feeling well earlier in the week and a doctor's visit revealed that hand, foot and mouth disease is running around.  

Turns out a few other families that came to Jon's graduation party also came down with hand, foot and mouth.   It's just a very easily spread virus that generally affects young children.

(Good thing there's no Google review!  "Great party...loved the giant water slide.  Had tons of fun in the pool!  Lots of food and yummy desserts.  The only negative was the Hand, Foot and Mouth my child came down with a few days later.")

Oh, the joys of parenting!

3.  Dolls
Kate loves to play with dolls.  She has a specific doll that she calls "Baby Kate".  Just recently, she calls the other baby the name of whoever she hands it to when she asks someone to play with her.  Sometimes it is "Baby Ellie" or "Baby Sarah" or "Baby Mommy".  

Well, the other night Kate handed the doll to Jay and said, "Here. Play with Baby Daddy."

Mike overheard that exchange and chuckled.  Talk about double meanings!

4.  He Said
We were at church a couple of weekends ago when Luke was asking me questions about why we put envelopes in the basket during Mass.
Me:  We put envelopes in the basket because we help to support the Church.  Everything we have is from God, so we give to the Church to help them pay bills and take care of people that need help.
Luke:  Mom, you're just throwing your money away.


5.  More He Said
Last week  at Church, Luke was being very "4".  (i.e. restless, chatty, wiggly, etc.) 
Me: (Trying to distract Luke) It's almost time for the sign of peace!  Get ready!"
As everyone is shaking hands....
Luke: (repeating over and over again pretty loudly)  Piece of what?  Piece of what?  What do I get a piece of?
Me:(Tried to quickly explain between 'piece' and 'peace') Not a piece of something like a is Jesus' peace that you receive in your heart.
Luke:(looking sad) I didn't get any peace.
(I assured him that he most certainly did!)  Gotta love those cognitive leaps these kiddos make in the blink of an eye!

 6. Baking Fest!
We don't have big plans for this very rainy 4th of July!  We are getting together for a "cook in" at my parents for dinner.  Tomorrow we are heading to our friends' house for a bbq in the early afternoon, and then we are having a potluck get together with the other members of my book club and their families at dinner.

Sarah and I were busy baking for several hours this morning!  Sarah made two of her famous lemon meringue pies.  I made a poke cake(one of Jay's favorites because his grandmother made something similar when he was a kid) and an apple pie(the all-American dessert:) for tonight. I also made some special Hershey mini kiss cherry brownies for the cookout we are going to tomorrow, and a red, white and blue cheesecake for the potluck tomorrow night.

I haven't assembled the poke cake or the cheesecake yet, but this is what they should look like:
Red, White & Blueberry Poke Cake Recipe
Mine will not have stars and not be as pretty!  All that really matters is the taste;)
Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Recipe
Again...the top will not be as pretty and....
 since some kids in this house kept snacking on blueberries,
the top will only be adorned with strawberries!  
But's all about the taste!

7.  Long Weekend
Since we started the day off with Mass, today has the feel of a Sunday!  The best part of that is it makes the weekend feel really long because we still have two whole days before Monday!  

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!