Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday!

Even though my weekend felt very looooong...and not in a good way since Jay and my helpful older kids were away...I did arrive at Monday morning fairly unscathed!

The weekend went ok.  My parents were around and helped me with the kids.  They invited us for dinner on Saturday and got us take out on Sunday.  They helped me take the kids to the beach on Sunday and treated everyone to ice cream both days, too!  My dad also took Peter on his beloved "rides to Fairhaven".:)

Andrew, Jon, and Sarah had a great weekend and came home completely exhausted and full of fun stories.  I'm sure today will be a little ugly since they are recovering from sleep deprivation/sugar highs from too much candy,(Sarah woke up and hour ago and is already sleeping on the couch),  but they have a lot of great memories and can't wait to go back next year.

Jay had a good time as well.  He gave 2 talks that were very well received.  He is very good with teenagers(he's had several years of practice, and many more to come!) an event like this highlights his strengths.

I spent the weekend on the home front doing all the normal mommy things: dishes, laundry, baths, playing princesses, playing rescue bots, playing Legos, etc.  Friday night, Ellie stayed up late with me and we watched a pre-teen movie together.  Saturday night, I got everyone in bed on time and watched a chick flick on my own:  Austenland.  It was free 'on demand'.  It was a story about a young woman, Jane, who is obsessed with all things from Pride and Prejudice.....From her 'I love Darcy' bag to the full size cardboard cutout of Mr. Darcy in her living room in her apartment decorated to the time period.  Jane decides to spend her life savings on a trip to England to spend time in Austenland, where everyone pretends to be from the time period.  Romance with a twist follows and, of course, there is a happy ending.:)

I really like the BBC Pride and Prejudice movies(where Colin Firth plays Mr. Darcy).  When I was pregnant with Peter, I struggled with a lot of depression.  Jay went out and bought the six part VHS series(yes I know that ages me!) of Pride and Prejudice for me and endured hours of the British drama!(We watched it multiple times.)  He also bought me Sense and Sensibility(with Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, and Kate Winslet).

That's love...and lots of years off of Purgatory time!

A book I ordered came in on Friday...good timing.  It's called Fantastic After 40! by Pam Farrel.  I'm still struggling with turning 40 and trying to find ways to come to grips with it all.  More on that in future posts.....

Well, I need to stop stalling and head to the grocery store to pick up some things for the week.  Kate has changed her clothes multiple times while I've written this post, and I need to get her to commit to an outfit for the day...and get Luke out of his p.j.'s....and go and see if Andrew is awake still and bribe him with a muffin to come to the store with me!

Happy Monday!