Friday, July 11, 2014

Quick Takes Friday!'s Friday.  I can't say I'm feeling enthusiastic about the weekend because I will be flying solo.  Jay took most of the older kids to a pro-life retreat.  It's a good experience for them...long weekend for me that I can't say I'm looking forward to.  But enough of the Eeyore attitude.....

......I do have some fun pics to share for 7 Quick Takes Friday!

1.  Date Night
Last weekend Jay and I finally managed a very loooooooong over due date night.  We went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and then went for a walk down by the beach.  It was very nice to spend a little time alone together.  

We were almost home when we realized Jon was driving behind us.  When we pulled into the driveway, Jon asked Jay why he was driving so slow?!?

My answer.....we wanted to put off getting back into reality as long as possible!

pic on the beach:)

 #2.  Pool Fun

#3:  Big Boy!
Notice the difference about Luke in the next two pics?(besides the bathing suit!:)

No floaties!  Luke wanted to try and 'dog paddle' on his own and he is doing a great job!  He is so proud of himself!
Cute sibling shot:)

sans floaties!
 #4.  Tree Frogs
The tree frogs are still living in and around our pool.  Luke "coaxed" (I use that word lightly!) one out of its home and was happy to have the frog sitting on his hand:)

#5:  Family Walk
Last night after dinner, Luke, Kate and Peter wanted to go on a walk in our neighborhood.  Luke was hoping to see the groundhog family that lives in the yard of a house on the other side of our block.  Unfortunately that weren't out and Luke was a little disappointed:(

Kate insisted on carrying this purple, plastic pumpkin with a couple of her toys in it for the walk.  We walked by one house where a little girl...probably about 7...was visiting her grandparents.  She was super curious about the pumpkin and wandered over to make sure that she wasn't missing out on something!  (I think she thought her parents were holding out on her...."Halloween in July!"....wear your character jammies and carry your pumpkin to get candy!)  She looked relieved...and a little disappointed...when she realized Kate only had a couple of toys.
Sorry about the blurry pic...I couldn't get her to stand still!
#6:  He Said
Luke was super talkative on our family walk.  i.e. he did most of the talking!:)  At one point he had a cute exchange with Jay.

Luke:  Hey, daddy, when I was in the pool today there was a good beetle on the noodle!
Jay:  Oh, yeah.  A good beetle?
Luke:  Yeah...It was a Frenchenese beetle!
Me:  I think you mean a Japanese beetle...

#7:  All the Sleeps Kate Can Sleep
Doesn't look too comfortable to me!

I hope you have a weekend with a nice, comfortable nap!