Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Memories

#1:  He Said
While on the Vineyard, we frequented our favorite ice cream spot, Ben and Bill's.  They have really great ice cream!  In particular, Jay loves their Bailey's ice cream and that's the only place we've found it so far!
At one of our visits, (yes, I said one bc we went every day...don't judge me:), I was perusing the menu, ( 50 cent word of the day! Makes me feel like a grown up for all the toddler talk I speak), 
and I noticed that they had vegan chocolate ice cream on the menu.....

Me:  Hey, they have vegan chocolate ice cream.  I wonder what it's made of?
Jon: Sadness and crushed dreams!

I managed to upload the pics from our Vineyard trip last weekend.  I can put all of our pics into a few different categories!  WARNING....I have quite a few!  But stick with me until the end to see a few of my absolute favorites!:)
#2:  Ice Cream Shots
One of our first stops after stepping off of the ferry!  Ben and Bill's:)

One of the few foods we let Peter "cheat" with on his gfcf diet.

My parents with Luke.

Kate crying over wanting cookie dough....failing to realize that cookie dough is what is in her cone!
It was past her bedtime!

ice cream day 2

#3:  "Up Island"
When we go to the Vineyard each year we tend to do the same things....and many of them involve food!  One of the places that we always go is to Menemsha, a little fishing village in the town of Chilmark.  We always order crab dip and crackers, steamers, and lobsters from a little fish market called Larsen's.  They cook the lobsters and steamers while you wait.  There are no real tables....just crates and lobster pots outside that people use to make their own make shift seating. 

For those non-seafood lovers in our family, right up the hill is a place called "The Bite" where we order chicken fingers, french fries and a few chowders.
Mom and Kate
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walking on the docks

Daddy and Luke

Peter decided to try to eat lobster...unfortunately he took a bite of the shell!!!

action shot!

me and Jon
Mike and Jon being goofy!

my parents

Jon and Luke....who was attached to Jon at the hip all.weekend.long!

#4:  Beach pics

Jay tormenting Jon!

...then Sarah!

Someone was a little sleepy and then promptly fell asleep in the car on the way back from the beach!

#5:  Flying Horses
The Vineyard is home to one of the country's oldest carousels.  It's one of those carousels that you grab rings and, if you get the gold ring at the end, you get a free ride!  Our kids were super lucky this weekend.  On the first night we were there, Sarah and Kate got the gold ring.(no camera that time!)  Then, the next day, Luke was the lucky one...extra lucky since this time I was ready!


Holding his free ride ticket!

#6:  Waxing Poetic

For about twenty minutes, this was the scene that I got to watch.  All of my kids, sans Andrew, who didn't join us on the Vineyard until later on Saturday bc of work, and Kate, who was playing in the sand right next to me, were in the water playing frisbee. They were all having fun...there was no fighting...and it was just one of those really blissful family moments that you just want to soak in and enjoy.  

#7:  My Favorites!
Still with me?!?  I hope the following pics make it worth the wait!!!

Have a great weekend!