Friday, December 6, 2013

It's FINALLY Friday!

Wow was this week tough!  I am soooo glad that it is Friday!(I thought it would never get here!  

1.  Crazy Day
Today started with a doctor's appointment for Peter with his developmental pediatrician.  I screwed up and went to the wrong location!  Thankfully, we ended up only being 12 minutes late and everyone accepted my apologies!  Then I took Peter to Shaws to pick up some sale items and some of his food.  I brought Peter home and picked up Luke, Kate and Ellie and headed to Stop and Shop to do the rest of the shopping.  Now I am tired:)....but we are only halfway through the day!

2.  Bumpy Night
Luke was restless until 12:30am and Kate was restless all night:(  I was up for good at 5:30 with two kids snuggled up against me.  I started to think about the to-do list and almost started to panic realized that Christmas is SO close!  I barely managed to not ruin the morning with my stress!(Of course, doctor appt.'s with Peter always make me feel extra stressed, too!)  But, I don't want to become so overwhelmed that Advent loses its peace because of a crazy, overwhelmed mama!

Here's why I'm a little stressed.....
3.  Kitchen Reno
We are still in the midst of our mini kitchen reno!  The bottom cabinets and island are finished, but the top cabinets still need the finish coats and the doors haven't even been primed.  I finally found a backsplash that I think will work(fingers crossed!) that should arrive at some point this week.  I'm just hoping it won't turn into a 'Humpty Dumpty Kitchen' that never gets put back together again.  

4.  Early Christmas Celebration
We are celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family on the Saturday before Christmas.  That means that there are only 2(!)Saturdays left to finish our projects.  Ellie has basketball games every Saturday, so that always breaks up the day.  When only one of us is home watching the little ones, it's tough to get much done.

Did I mention I'm hosting that day?  Yeah...I'm hosting.  Which I love to do....I just need to start figuring out what is really important to me to get done around the house because, realistically, the to-do list is a permanent fixture in my life!  Time to prioritize!

5.  Just Keep Crocheting...Just Keep Crocheting
My friend Carol helped me get started crocheting a blanket for my grandmother for Christmas.  My grandmother has terminal cancer.  This will be her last Christmas with us and I wanted to do something special.  She has always knitted or crocheted blankets, sweaters and hats for all of us.  Kate goes to sleep with one of her creations every night.  So, I wanted to make her something out of love(though not nearly as complicated!).  I'm 3/4 of the way done.....and I want to have it finished by next week!  I just don't get a ton of time to sit(by myself) and use both of my hands for something!  (Shocking isn't it!?!:)

6.  Baking
I do a lot of baking close to Christmas.  Usually by now I have perused my cookbooks and magazines and planned out what I want to bake/cook and when I will bake/cook it.  There's baking for the teachers, baking for the family, dessert for the family party, dessert for Christmas Eve, dessert for Christmas Day, sides for Christmas Day, food for New Year's Eve and desserts and food for New Year's Day.....and I haven't planned for any of it!

I realized this morning that two weeks from today is the last day of school before Christmas break for all the kids!  That means all the cookies for the teachers (and all of Peter's therapists) need to be made before then!

Yikes!!!  I need to get going!  I will be adding that to this weekend's to-do list...along with painting, a basketball game, a tea with the girls that my mother-in-law's garden club is putting on, a Christmas party with my co-workers, Breakfast with Saint Nick at Ellie and Luke's school.......It will be a full weekend for sure!

7.  Wrapping
I've done great on the shopping...but the wrapping is tough!  I actually like to's just fitting in the time to do it!  If my little ones would cooperate at night, maybe I could get some done!  I might be trying to pawn off Kate for a morning on my sister-in-law or mother-in-law so I can get everything done!

And...Kate's nap is over so off I go!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend:)