Friday, December 13, 2013

Jumping into Friday!

Jumping into Friday....this week felt soooooo long!

1: Stomach Bug
stomach bug has been making its way through our house.:(  Thankfully, for most people it has been fast moving.  I am grateful that if it had to happen, that it happened this week and not closer to Christmas!  I hope that after this weekend, we will be a healthy household once again!

2-7:  Luke-isms
Since this week hasn't been much fun around here, I have some "Luke-isms" I have been saving up!

Luke:  Why is it raining?....Maybe I left the water on last night!

Luke walking around trick-or treating on Halloween.....
Luke:  My little legs don't work so well at night!  They work good in the morning."


Neighbor(looking at Jon in his dinosaur mask):  (feigning fear)  "Ooh, it's a dinosaur!"
Luke:  "It's just Jon, my big brother.".....(looking over at Jon) "You are my big brother, right?"

I was at the grocery store, looking at a pumice stone I was going to buy...
Luke:  "That's silly!  We have rocks in the backyard at home!"

Jay was driving Luke to school on a very rainy day and drove through a big puddle that splashed water onto the car covering the windshield.  
Luke:  "Wow!!!"
Jay: (Turned on the windshield wipers"
Luke:  "Good thinking, Daddy!"

Luke watching Sports Center with his brothers....
Luke: (when a Nascar segment came on)
 "Those cars go fast!  Are they going to get a ticket?"

Luke watching Jay open the refrigerator.....
Luke:  "What are you doing, Daddy?"
Jay:  "I'm getting breakfast."
Luke:  "OK, me too!" (Luke reaches in and grabs half a stick of butter.)
Jay:  "Luke, that's gross!"
Luke:  "No, Daddy, it's butter!  It's yummy!"

Luke randomly calling out to Jay...
Luke:  "Hey, Daddy, I like you!"
Jay:  "Thanks, Luke, I love you!"

Luke sitting on the couch:
Luke:  (looking over at me)  "You know, Kate's germs are gross!"

Have a great...and germ-free....weekend!