Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Again

Here we are at Monday again!

This weekend went by extra fast!  Here are a few of the highlights.....

*Jay continued painting the kitchen.  Only the upper cabinet doors need 2 coats of finish paint. Maybe it really will be done by Christmas:)

*The back splash I ordered came in several days earlier than I expected...and I like it!  Hooray!

*Ellie's basketball team lost a game in overtime on Saturday afternoon.  Ellie was on the floor several times scrambling for the basketball.  Sarah was proud:)

*My mother-in-law's garden club put on a fundraising tea.  Sarah, Ellie and I arrived late because of the basketball game.  It was really nice...we got to hear some wonderful singers belting out some Christmas tunes, the food was great and they were selling some beautiful  ornaments and decorated greens.

*Luke threw up Saturday night: (  I got very little sleep that night because everytime he made a noise or moved I jumped up to grab the bucket 'just in case'.  He was fine yesterday, and ate everything all day while having a ball with a bag of nerf guns that Jay left out on the counter after Friday's youth group meeting!

*I attended my parents' Christmas brunch for their business Sunday morning.  It was really good and I got to go to a restaurant I had never tried before.....and talk to grown-ups!  We also do a yankee swap.  I ended up with a cute snowman mug, an assortment of specialty hot cocoa, and a super soft snowman blanket.  Sarah grabbed the blanket as soon as I walked in the door and claimed it for their own:)

*We watched the Patriot's game which ended with an amazing last minute win (YAY!) and a season ending injury for Gronk.(BOO!)

*I made ribs and we brought them to my mom's to share dinner with my parents and help them decorate their (2nd) tree.

*Luke is still not 100%  and now I'm not feeling so well either:(  Hopefully, a little rest is all I need!  There's too much to do to be sick this time of year!

*Kate is regressing back to an extra clingy stage.  I love the way she says,"go on your lap", but she just wants to sit with me!  I know someday I will miss this...but right now it's a little challenging!

Well....10 is a good number so I will end here!  Happy Monday!