Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Little Nostalgia

Andrew and Jon always loved Legos!  (Mike not so much:)  Every Christmas for years there have been Legos on their Christmas lists.  Truth be told, Jon has not enjoyed getting older and, as of last year, added toys back on his Christmas list to make it more fun!(lol:)

As soon as Luke was big enough, Jon introduced him to Legos.  All of a sudden, giant bins of Legos that had been kept under beds and in the attic made a reappearance.  Honestly, Jon and Andrew had more fun with them and spent longer creating things than Luke did at first.  Now, Luke is just as hooked as his brothers.:)
We still get the Lego catalog mailed to us  in late October every year.  This year, I kept going back and forth about getting them one of the Advent calendar Lego sets.  I knew Luke would enjoy it....Jon and Andrew, too.  I thought it would be a fun way to add a little extra nostalgia to the holiday for the teenagers.  Time is passing quickly, and it will be all too soon when our older kids are no longer living under our roof.  It makes creating special little moments even more important! 

So...of course I ordered it:)

They were all excited about it when I brought it out.  Luke had a hard time understanding that you can only open one flap per day at first which resulted in a few tears.......

But now, only 5 days into Advent, he is a pro.  Each day, Luke, Jon and Andrew take a turn opening a flap.  The older boys help Luke put together his little Lego.....and Luke gets to play with Andrew and Jon's find once they put them together.  (They were even nice enough to let Luke go first:)

They are all having fun with it!

That makes me happy:)