Saturday, December 28, 2013

Family Time!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is continuing to enjoy the Christmas season!

Our Christmas was really nice.  I still haven't uploaded the photos and, despite multiple efforts, am still trying to organize our post Christmas house!

Jay was able to take Thursday and Friday off, so we have had a lot of fun just being present to the kids.
There has been lots of play time around here:)  After all, memories are way more important than to-do lists!

So, since I'm still not ready to share our Christmas photos......I will share some fun pics that Jay and I took yesterday during some of our family time.

Jay was giving piggie back rides, which Kate shortened to 'piggy ride' and expected Jay to snort!
It's probably because they love the show Peppa Pig so much!  No matter how much Jay tried to
convince them it was a 'horsey ride', they weren't having it!
(of course, I teased Jay that maybe they called it a 'piggy ride' because of all the tiramisu trifle he has been eating........;)

Kate was barely awake from her nap but ready to play!

Annoying Sarah...getting Sarah involved.(Look at Luke's glee in the background!)

Here's a smile!

They were hunting for T-Rex's with drills made of tinker toys!
The hats were their 'helmets'.

Here's my vote for Father of the Year!(Kate agrees:)