Friday, August 8, 2014

The Birthday Wrap Up!

So happy it's almost the weekend but I wish August would slow the heck down!

Yesterday's birthday celebration was a huge success!  Luke had a great first day as a 5 year old!  He got lots of new toys, mostly Transformers and a few Legos, which he has been playing with non-stop!  His grandparents and aunties and cousins all made him feel very special!   Here's the wrap up!

 #1:  Party Prep
The day before Luke's birthday, we took a little drive to Party City to get a few supplies.  I wanted to get him some Transformer plates and napkins for the family party.  This mask was with the Transformer supplies...or so I thought...
...turns out it is a Power Ranger mask.(Which Jay pointed out when he got home from work)  Oops!
Well, Luke thought it was an Optimus Prime mask so it's all good:)

2:  Today's My Birthday!?!
The day Luke had been counting down for weeks finally arrived!  He was up bright and early, ready to open his presents from us.  His sisters asked to be woken up to watch his excitement and Luke dragged Jon out of bed because Jon is his "Lego buddy".:)  

He's one whole hand now!

Hooray for Transformers!

#3:  Some Assembly Required...
One of the toys that I got him was a Construx Optimus Prime and Megatron.  They are like Bionicles...for moms with Lego fans.  I thought he would have fun with them.  

The problem was that ALL of the "master builders" in our house had to work all day....and I am not good with following directions!  At Luke's insistence, I did put together the Optimus.  It took a while and was a little overwhelming....especially since Kate kept moving around the pieces!  I convinced Luke that Daddy really wanted to build Megatron with him when he got home from work.  Phew! 

#4: Grandma's Cake
All the kids love my mil's chocolate cake and it is the birthday request 95% of the time.  (Jon is the only one that asks for an ice cream cake...he had a stomach bug a few years ago after a family party and the cake has a negative food association for him now!)

For the younger kids, Jay's mom always tries to decorate the cake in whatever their obsession of the year is.  Since Luke is really into Transformers right now, he asked for an Optimus cake.....and Jay's mom did an awesome job on it!

A little frosting sneak!

How cool is this!?!

#5:  Cake Time
The birthday boy or girl always gets to choose the dinner menu for their birthday.  All week Luke said he wanted pizza.  Then, on the morning of his birthday, he changed his mind and asked for burgers.  Oy!  Good thing Andrew works at Stop and Shop...I texted him my list and he kindly spent a little time shopping after work!  Thanks, Andrew:)

"Cake time" are magic words!  Luke, Kate, and my nephew, Brayden, and niece, Mya, come running!  Here's a pic of Luke and Kate waiting for us to set everything up!
Look at that anticipation!lol
We had a camera malfunction so, unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the actual blowing out of the candles:(  There were four kids trying to get in on the action and two adults acting as "spit guards"!

#6:  Kids Say the Darnedest Things!
Jay was trying to help "free" the toys that Luke was opening from our families.  Brayden was concerned and walked over to direct what was going on...
Brayden:  Uncle Jay, those are Lukie's toys!  You can't play with them!  He just got them for his birthday!
Jay:  Oh, ok, Brayden, good to know.
....Jay was a big Transformers fan when he was a little boy so you never know...gotta keep your eye on him!;)

#7:  He Said/She Said
Luke obviously loves his new toys.  He is constantly setting up good guys/bad guys scenarios.  
Luke:  Mom, the Decepticons hurt Optimus' son and he died.
Me:  Luke, you know I don't like you pretending that people die.
Luke:(after a thoughtful pause) Mom, the Decepticons hurt Optimus' son and he isn't alive anymore.
Me:  Ugh...that's not what I mean! 

Oh, the joys of 5 year olds!  Have a great weekend!