Tuesday, August 26, 2014


And just like that, another summer comes barreling to a close!  The end of summer is bittersweet.  After all the spontaneity/non-structure of summer, I look forward to the fall's predictability.

Having the kids move forward and grow up and start another year is sad to me, though.  It makes me want to huddle them close just a little longer because life goes by just so darn fast!

Move forward they must, though, so it's my job to help them on and up to the next step.  With the younger set, (namely Kate, Luke and Peter), that still means helping them moment by moment.(Getting their supplies, fixing their snacks and meals, bath time, bed time, etc.)

With the middle set, (Sarah and Ellie), I'm more of a chauffeur, reminder to do their daily routine in a timely manner(Ellie), and the person that encourages them to stay organized and on top of everything(Ellie) and to stop and have a little fun once in a while(my perfectionist, Sarah).

With the older crew, I'm the cheerleader.  I also still encourage them to stay organized and on top of everything for the bigger things(a.k.a, please go online and order your books today Andrew and Jon!).  I'm also the go-to person when they want the occasional clothing purchase.  Other then help them with loan paperwork, they have their own jobs, their own cars, and are pretty independent.

Andrew and Mike will both be away at college this year.  Jon will be commuting to college but, between his class schedule with multiple labs and his jobs and the clubs he wants to join and his regular friends and the friends he will meet and his new "special friend", the writing on the wall is clear that he won't be around much this year!

Change is hard....and a little sad...but it's all good things.

After all, as I read in a book recently,
 "If we do the whole parenting thing right we are supposed to be working ourselves out of a job!"  
(Pam Farrel)

Ellie started middle school yesterday!  It's a big step for her...changing classes, different uniforms, more responsibility.  She is excited and likes her new teachers:)

At only day 2 of the school year I have already won the "bad parent" award!  Today was Peter's first day and I completely forgot to take a picture until he was driving away on his 'van bus'!  He is in the same special needs program as last year.  This year his class will have a few less kids which will be good for him I think.  He wasn't all that fired up to head back to school.  Poor guy has a bad sinus cold right now.:(  Hopefully, the transition goes well and he has a good year!

Sarah made the high school volleyball team and has practice this afternoon.  Her first school day of sophomore year is tomorrow.(Hopefully I will remember to take a picture of that!)  

Then, we have a 2 day reprieve until Saturday when we drop off Andrew at Assumption.  I can't say I'm looking forward to that.  I am excited for him and for the friends he will make and the clubs he will join that will make him feel connected in a way he didn't find at UMass last year.  The house will feel empty without him...and now I will have to run to the grocery store to pick up anything I forgot instead of just texting Andrew and having him bring it home!

We move Mike in on Monday, Jon starts freshman orientation on Monday, and Luke starts pre-school on Tuesday!  And, just like that, we will be in full swing for the 2014-2015 school year!

I hope your family's transition is going well!  Here's to praying for a successful and healthy school year!