Friday, August 1, 2014

How Can It Be August Already!!!!!

How can it possibly be August already!!!  Summer please slow down! Linking up with Quick Takes Friday!

1: Girls' Night Out
For Sarah's birthday in May, I bought her tickets to a local theater that was putting on the play "The Sound of Music".  The play was last Friday.  Sarah and I got to dress up a little and head out together.  She really enjoyed it....and it was some good 1:1 quality time together!:)

2: He Said/She Said
After seeing the musical, Sarah has been singing a lot more than usual around the house.  Lots of Disney Princess songs and, of course, songs from "The Sound of Music".  The following was a text conversation...
(I was out of the myself!)
Me:  Everything going ok?
Jay:  Everything's great.  We are bursting into spontaneous song like the Sound of Music:).
Jon:  Yeah, we're a less talented version of the Von Trapp family! 

3:  Fancy Toes
The reason I was out of the house by myself was a good one!   My friend, Colleen, brought me for a pedicure as a belated birthday gift.  (Since we have 14 kids between the two of us, I think the fact that we managed to schedule it was amazing!)  

It was nice to be pampered and chat with a friend.  I chose a really bright blue that reminds me of clear summer skies and cotton candy! 
Not the best toes clash with our rug!

 Sometimes girls just want to have fun....and have some wild toes:)

4:  Happy Birthday
Speaking of birthdays.....yesterday was Peter's 13th birthday!  He had a really good day!  He got lots of balloons and some "Fairhaven" t-shirts and a sweatshirt and a book on planes.  (Of course the highlight was Grandma's cake!)

The only thing he asked for was a Southwest Airlines t-shirt.  He is obsessed with Southwest bc that's the airline we use to go to Florida.  He goes on youtube everyday and watches Southwest take-offs and flight videos.

My parents took Peter to get sneakers for his birthday last Sunday.  At the store, Peter saw this sweatshirt and "had to have it!"  He wears it even though it is way too hot for a sweatshirt right now!  The t-shirt is a good overview of Peter...."Happy Happy Happy"....especially on his birthday!

5:  More Birthday Fun/Opportunities to Practice Patience
This Thursday we get to do the birthday celebration all over again.  Luke's turning 5!  5!?!  How the heck did that happen!  My baby boy is growing up!:(

Luke is super excited about his birthday!  He is obsessed with all things Transformer right now...and, not to toot my own horn, but I think he's going to love the presents we got for him.  I'm very excited to give them to him...and blissfully imagining the hours of quiet pretend play it will buy me!

Of course, waiting for a birthday that you are excited about when you're almost 5 is not easy!  Luke couldn't wait for Peter's birthday to get here so that it could then move on to his birthday!  The problem is, the whole concept of time is a little off when you're not quite 5!

Luke:(Lying in bed snuggling, half awake) Is today Peter's birthday?
Me:  Yes it is!
Luke:  It is!!! (voice rising several octaves)  That means my birthday is tomorrow!?!
Me:  No, honey.  Your birthday is next Thursday.
Luke:  Noooooooo!  You said my birthday was right after Peter's!!!!
(insert weeping and gnashing of teeth here!)

#6:  More He Said
Speaking of Luke....he said something really cute the other day.
Kate wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty and it was at the part when the Prince wakes her up with a kiss...
Luke:  "Yuck....I'm never gonna do that!"
Me:(in my head) Yeah, right!

#7:  Counting Our Blessings
This week, my friend Laura sent me a message asking for prayers for one of her close college friends that was 21 weeks pregnant with her 5th child.  The mom's name was Sarah, and she had been stung by many bees and had a severe reaction that made an aneurysm in her brain rupture.  Tragically, her unborn baby died and, later on that day, the family removed life support on Sarah because she was brain dead.  Sarah and her husband, Eric, were also parents to four other children.(7,5,3, and 1)  You can read more about it here.

Hearing about stories like this is so heart-breaking.  It brings up lots of emotions and thoughts that I've been trying to wrap my head around.....something that I'd like to spend more time on in another post in greater length.

The funeral for Sarah Hawkins will be this morning.  I'm sure this family could use all the prayers they can get!  A memorial fund was set up to help Sarah's husband and children.  If you are interested in donating you can get more details here.

Tragedies like this certainly put things in perspective.  It makes a no good, rotten, terrible day just a bump in the that I can be grateful for because at least I was here to be a part of it!
The Hawkins Family
Now excuse me while I go hug and cuddle my least the ones that will let me!  Have a beautiful weekend enjoying the everyday moments with your family!