Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wrapping Up "What We Love About Dad!"

Ellen is my guest blogger today and this post will conclude our series of "What We Love About Dad!" as a gift and tribute to Jay for Father's Day.

Ellie has always been a 'Daddy's girl'!  Jay has always been wrapped around all his little girls' fingers!  He can act all serious and tough and then one of the girls will tilt their head, smile, and say "I love you, Daddy" in their sweet voice and Jay visibly melts!

If you have missed Day 1Day 2, or Day 3 of some of my older kids' guest posts, just click on the links to play 'catch up'!:)

Reasons Why Dad is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi!!! This is the middle daughter, Ellen. The little kids' playmate. I love to have fun and spend time with my family. When I was little, dad helped me practice softball. He always helps where he is needed and is definitely in my heart.

        I'm the sports girl in the family. I love playing and watching them. In April, Dad took me to see a Red Sox game with Andrew. Jon was going to go but he got sick the day before. Dad is an awesome person and he always loves us.  He is the patient one. I love to do things with dad. I love to hang out with him and play with him. When I was little I used to bug my dad to play dolls with me. Now I bug him about a lot of things, such as playing cards, taking the munchkins out of the tub, and things too many to name. I love to follow in my dad's footprints and play with him. I love my dad. These are some things that make him awesome.

                      1. He always understands.

                      2. He always helps.                                                

                                                                          3. He loves us.


                                                                     4. He is himself.
                      There are way more reasons but there are too many for words. You are amazing, Daddy.

We love you, Dad!!!!!!!!! :)