Sunday, June 15, 2014

What We Love About Dad!

In honor of Father's Day, some of my older kids were going to write a guest post for Jay as a gift for him.  Sarah went first.....and wrote so much that we decided to change gears and do multiple guest posts for the kids to honor Jay!  (One day isn't long enough to honor Jay as a dad anyway!:)  My children are blessed with a very special dad!  His love, patience, and dedication are just some of the qualities that make him an incredible dad!

Happy Father's Day, honey!  
Happy Father's Day to my own great dad, father-in-law, grandfather and Jay's grandfather!

And now.....I invite you to read the writer of my first special guest post series: What We Love About Dad!

Hello :)
This is a celebrity guest post!  My mom suggested that for Father's Day we, the older children, write a blog post for our dad.  We decided to write about our favorite memories.

So here goes.

I'm Sarah, the oldest daughter/ doer of the dishes/ cookie queen.  I can't really think of a favorite memory with him, per se, but I have a collage of them!  A few, crazy goofy memories that have happened are particularly note-worthy, though!

1) Dad is the leader of our parish high school youth group.  We had a car wash yesterday to raise money for a retreat.  Before the car wash, we went to Mass.  Dad drove down with me, but my brothers drove separately.  We were talking and goofing around, then my dad got a shiver down his back (which he calls a wet pigeon).  "BlAAh!" is what he blurted out.  I thought this sounded like the purple minions in Despicable Me 2, so I (the mature 15 yr. old that I am) did the same thing.  "Blah!" "Blaah!  " BlAh" "BLAAH".  Then we both giggled like maniacs.

We are special people!

2) Last year, we were lucky enough to go to Walt Disney World as a family with my grandparents.  It was so fun! (We get supremely goofy during vacations! Lol) We went to Epcot while we were there.  We were eating at Via Napoli, (fantastic Italian pizza restaurant), when Jon got the idea to do the Perry the Platypus adventure.  It is sort of like a super spy (scavenger) hunt throughout the different countries in Epcot.  (SO fun!!!) When we told dad, though, he acted so opposed to this, almost angry.  "No, we can't do that."  My mom convinced him that we should, though, so Jon, Dad, Ellie, and I went to the kiosk at the park to get set up.  They person at the kiosk gave us a cell phone that would direct us.  We started the activity, and my dad got all into it.  He was really goofy and happy, even though five minutes ago he had acted like it was the last thing he wanted to do.  He was going to (every) snack place along the way while he was helping us.  When we pointed that out to him, he smiled a sneaky grin and said, "It was my plan.  I was never really against it.  I wanted your mother to think I was, though, so she would think it was her idea!"

On a completely unrelated note my dad's favorite supervilian is Dr. Doof (although Gru is close).

3) Dad, I love you :) (if the 50,000 coconut almond joy cookies I made doesn't prove it, I don't know what can!!) I love how you are serious when it counts, sincere in everything you say, but still fun and loving.  I love how you are so caring and loving.  Thank you for being a great Catholic role model, over protective, kind, fantas-mic, hilarious, a bad joke teller, laughing at my jokes when they are horrible, putting up with me, making me feel better, and just being an overall perfect dad!!!!!!!!

I know you will deny everything in here (you are as bad as mom with compliments), but I mean every word.
Happy Father's day, Daddy :)