Friday, May 9, 2014

It's the Weekend!

.....and it's Friday again!  Let's jump into Quick Take Friday!

1. May?
The fact that it is May is just blowing my mind!  Starting next week, we are in for a roller coaster ride of a very busy schedule!  I'm trying to enjoy the lull!

2. Night Out
Sarah joined the drama club for their spring musical.  The did Godspell. I went with Ellie on Friday night.  It was interesting...a couple parts that "made me go hmm"...but the cast did a great job.  It was hard work, but Sarah loved it.  (I love that it is over and I have my daughter back!)

crazy costume

Sarah, Ellie and Sarah's friend, Gladys

3.  Who's Watching Who?
Jay stayed home with the littles while I was at the play.  I made sure Kate had a good nap so she wasn't melting down at 7:30 because I wasn't there and she was ready for bed.

When I got home, this was the scene!  Jay and Luke asleep sitting up and Kate laying across Jay's feet watching Umizoomi.  Kate saw me before I could take the pic so she's already scooting off the ottoman saying, "Mommy, you home!"  

(Jon was asleep on the other couch in the room, too, but I didn't take a picture of that!)

4.  Finals Frenzy
Mike and Andrew have been in the midst of finals all week.  Andrew had his last 2 finals yesterday and Mike has his last final today.  They have both worked really hard and we are really proud of them.  Boy, that school year went by fast!

5.  More Lasts
Jon's high school years are winding down quickly!  He took the AP Calculus test yesterday and takes the AP US history test next week.  Finals are the week after for him.....then prom and done until graduation on June 1st!  Another child moving on, growing up, and taking a big step in their lives!  Sniff!

6.  He Said/She Said
We were in church on Sunday and Luke and Kate were having less than stellar days...(i.e. Can you sell children on Ebay?...kidding)
Anyway...At one point I tried to distract Luke...
Me:  Luke, can you pray for Mike that God helps him to get a girlfriend?
Luke:  No
Me:  Why
Luke:  Because girls are stinky!

All right know this story will be repeated to Luke's first girlfriend someday!

7.  Sunday

To all mothers who have birthed babies, adopted babies, or spend their lives mothering nieces, nephews and anyone that God places in their lives......
I hope that God blesses each and every one of you and that you can feel in your heart how much the love you have given over the years has been cherished and multiplied!
...and that you get a nap!:)

Happy Mother's Day!