Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Today, I'm feeling a little better.  No more fever!  I am still hacking and really wiped out though, so Jay stepped in and went to Ellie's field trip.  It is a big sacrifice for him because his boss could only give him permission to go if he could still see all his patients.(They are short staffed this week.....but special thanks to his supervisor for being flexible!)

 So, Jay squeezed in 2 extra patients yesterday into an already busy day because he had to get home early for Sarah's Confirmation.  When he gets home from the field trip around 2:15, he has to see 3 or 4 patients.  It will be a long day for him!  Even tomorrow, he will be playing a little bit of catch up!

Jay hasn't complained at all about it.  He knows how important it was to Ellie to have one of us chaperone her field trip!  After hearing me coughing so much this morning, he knew I wasn't up for the trip.

As Jay was leaving this morning, I asked him if he had his "Super Dad" cape with him!  He's certainly earned it today!

Love you, honey!  Thanks for taking such good care of all of us!