Thursday, May 1, 2014

He Said/She Said with a side of TBT

I read my friend, Colleen's, post today and realized I haven't done and He said/she said's in a while.  So I searched on my phone and found a few that were buried in my inbox.(I email them to myself so that I don't forget before I post them!)

Jay and I brought all the kids sans Andrew and Mike to an outlet mall about a month ago.
Jon:  "All day" and "shopping" should never be next to each other!  One of the levels of hell is just one big outlet mall!

Jon had a bunch of friends over.  They had all been hanging outside.  Jon, Mike and Andrew walked in alone after they left.
Me:  Is it just my biological children left?
Mike and Jon:(who like to tease Andrew that he was adopted because he is the only one with glasses)
Well, except Andrew.
Andrew:(teasing) I hate all of you.

Sarah:  Remember when we found out that Luke liked lasagna and to eat sticks of butter...I was so proud!

Jon(to me):  You have to cool it with the throwback Thursday.
Me:  Why?
Jon:  Because it's 'in' right now so you can't do it. know what that means!  Here's 2 pics for Throw Back Thursday!
Sarah and Jon at the playground on a Vineyard trip:)
I think Jon is  6 and Sarah is 3.

Peter on the same Vineyard trip:)
He is one.

Take that, Jon!