Friday, May 22, 2015

The Graduate

Welcome to 7 Quick Take Friday!  I CANNOT wait for this three day weekend to start!  It's such a needed rest around here!  The last two weekends were c.r.a.z.y.(!) between Sarah's birthday, Mother's Day, and Mike's graduation and graduation party!  I'm looking forward to some nice family time, actually getting some cleaning and projects off the to do list, and just having lots of unplanned, care free timelessness!

Jay and I are so proud of our firstborn!  Mike graduated from high school 4 years ago unsure of what he wanted to pursue as a career.  So he decided to go to our local community college, BCC.  He spent 2 years there taking classes and playing on their basketball team.  He did exceptionally well....graduated with a 3.9 GPA and received a great scholarship to go to Assumption College where he planned to major in history and education.

Assumption has been super helpful since Mike applied there!  It was very important that he graduate in two years because he did not want to bury himself in student loans! There's so much to learn in the world of college admissions, financial aid, transferring, and core requirements!  All of his BCC credits transferred, but not all of them "fit" into the core requirements needed for graduation at Assumption. #firstbornproblems #he'stheguineapig

Thankfully, we sat down with someone before Mike even sent in his final acceptance and she showed us what exactly he would need for graduation!  (did I mention they were super helpful!)

So, Mike took 3 summer classes before he entered Assumption in the Fall of 2013.  Then, he moved away from home for the first time and started as a Junior at Assumption!  There was a lot of transition!  Thankfully, Mike ended up with an awesome roommate who was also a transfer student.  Mike loved living on such a beautiful campus.

It was not all smooth sailing!  Transferring in as a junior meant that the classes were more intense and difficult.  Because he was a transfer student, his GPA did not transfer over with him so he had no cushion to rely on.  He did 'ok' the first semester...but finished with a 2.9 GPA.  He needed to be above a 3.0 for his scholarship and, thankfully, he brought up his grades by the end of the school year!

In the Fall of 2014, Mike headed back as a senior and all the classes he needed had to be taken in a certain order if he was going to graduate this year!  Jay and I did lots of praying...there was no wiggle room for any sort of error!  He hit a huge snag when one of the classes he needed wasn't offered in the fall....but he was able to take it at a neighboring college!  Phew!  He had to keep up his GPA in order to student teach in the spring...again, lots of prayers and holding our breath.  But he did it!

Even the Spring of 2015 was stressful bc he had to student teach AND find a religion course later in the school day that would fit in his schedule.  The first one he found got cancelled!  The ONLY other course he could possibly take had a pre-requisite. So emails were sent and phone calls made and in the end, the professor allowed him to sign into the course!

 It was a crazy ride that we weren't sure would end the way it was originally planned!  By God's Grace, everything fell into place and Mike is now a Graduate of Assumption College with a double major in History and Education.  He is now spending his time sleeping in and submitting applications and his resume to various school systems in the area in his quest for a teaching job in the middle school or high school levels!

So where the heck are the 7 quick takes?!? Here are my 7 favorite pics from Mike's graduation day!

Mike and his buddy, Luke!

Mike with Jay's Mom

Mike with my parents

Luke wanted to be in every pic!

The 'Sibs" sans Peter, who hung out with my sister for the day!

the graduate

Congrats, Mike!