Thursday, May 28, 2015

An Awesome Memorial Day

We had a totally awesome Memorial Day Weekend! Three day weekends don't happen very often so they are a treat....but this weekend just took the cake!

The previous two weekends had been jam packed between Sarah's Surprise Sweet 16 and Mike's Graduation from college!  So a 3 day weekend with no big committments felt sooooo good!  Having perfect weather just made it that.much.better!

We FINALLY had a chance to get to some items on our long-neglected to-do list on Saturday!  On Sunday, we went to Mass and had the whole day to just relax and spend time as a family before a cookout with my parents at night....and make desserts! An apple crisp, chocolate chip cheesecake, and a red, white, and blue Flag Cake were all created....and devoured by the end of Monday night at the cookouts we were invited to!

THE best feeling is on Sunday night of a long weekend when you know you get to spend another day together as a family on Monday!

On Monday, Jay and I took our younger half to a local parade.  Our good friends happen to live on the parade route, and invited us to come watch!  Family time AND time with friends...yes, please! It was a lot of fun!
Luke...festive and excited!

Our awesome hosts, Phil and Colleen...and their cutie pie, Declan! (their youngest..for now;)
I get to watch Declan a couple of days each week...he is such a good little guy!
We all love having him here!

Kate and Luke

The kids ready and waiting!

Peter came with us...which is always an adventure!
We are blessed to have so many friends that are so accepting of Peter!

The Girl Scouts were throwing candy and Kate couldn't manage to snag any bc the older kids were so much quicker!
One of the girls noticed what happened and came back and handed Kate a lollipop!
So Sweet!

This is how Colleen and I look most of the time!
Keepers of the memories....avoiders of the camera.....
(I'm going to be in trouble for this shot!;)

Ellie is very Patriotic...even with her eyes closed!

Daddy and his little girl!

A little later on in the day we went to another friend's house for a cookout!  It was so exciting to be invited out to 2 different places on the same day! I was giddy! I am so blessed to have lots of great friends!

It was such a great weekend!  I felt so relaxed and recharged on Monday night.  I was sad to see it end, but grateful for all of the blessings!