Friday, May 29, 2015

Quick Take Friday!

Peter likes to use my phone a lot and takes lots (hundreds!) of random pictures! I was deleting some yesterday.....and realized there are lots of pics that I've taken and then they just live in my phone forever!

So today, I'm sharing a bunch!  Photos are they fit right into Quick Take Friday!

#1: Peter pics
a pic of Peter holding his ipad with a bus pic

Peter is obsessed with pics of St. Anthony's Church

Randon Donkey

Pic of a bus...another obsession

A pic of a pic of himself

Tractors...another Peter obsession
 #2: Sarah

This was taken in a store during her surprise bday trip to Newport!
 I ended up going back before we left and got her the hat to surprise her with on her actual birthday!
 I should have gotten the glasses, too!

 #3: Jon
This was Jon's last day of his first year of college!
His face tells you how thrilled he is that I took it!
 #4:  Generations
This is a pic Kate and I took with my grandfather at a cookout over Memorial Day weekend!
Pepere is 92 and still going strong!
He was in the Navy during WWII and was on one of the supply ships at D-Day.
 His ship was on the way to Japan when the war ended.
He has lots of stories...some very funny and many horribly tragic!
Even at 92, talking about the friends he lost and seeing people die makes him all choked up!
Veterans never forget!
 #4: Legos!
Luke is still obsessed with Legos!  The benefit of being the younger brother with older brothers that also had/have a Lego obsession is that they let him play with things they have kept over the years! In typical boy fashion,one of them had/made an outhouse.  Luke thought it was hysterical to line all the Lego guys up like they were waiting for a turn!

#5:  The Graduation

I took most of the graduation shots with my good camera...but here's a phone pic of my very happy graduate!

Cutie pie Kate who did awesome during the long rides and the 2.5 hour graduation ceremony!

Even a couple shot...a proud dad and mom!
  I still can't believe that we are parents to a college gratuate!?!
Mike gave Jay this sweatshirt at Christmas,
but Jay didn't want to wear it until Mike officially made it through successfully!

#6:  Mulch Man!

Luke LOVES mulch!
 He was psyched when my parents had a giant pile of  mulch delivered!
He got right outside to help!

#7:  Kate

 These 2 pics sum up Kate perfectly!  She's like the gummy bear commercial..."First they're sour, then they're sweet!"  I think she's pouting in the pic bc she didn't want Jay to take it! Lol

She's cute when she wants to be!  Which is most of the time, thankfully!

Have a great weekend!