Friday, March 6, 2015

Winter's Last Hurrah...Hopefully!

It is FINALLY Friday!!!!  This week felt soooo long !  We made it everyone!:)  Here's a quick weekly wrap-up!

#1:  And the Snow Just Keeps Coming!
So the 1-3 inches of snow that was forecasted for us yesterday turned into about 10 inches!!!  That's a big difference...especially since schools based their decision to have class on the original forecast! Halfway through the morning, the forecast changed and some schools dismissed early.  The roads were awful!  The city right next to where we live reported 36 accidents in only 3 hours!  Buses were getting stuck all over the place in our town when they tried to get kids home!  Once of the high school buses actually had the kids call their parents to come and get them because the buses couldn't enter their neighborhood!  Just crazy!!!

 Let's hope that yesterday was Winter's Last Hurrah!

#2:  Heatwave!

I saw this pic on Facebook!  It is so true!

Starting on Sunday, temperatures are supposed to be in the 40's and may even get into the 50's by the end of the week!  (Like my friend, Laura, said..."It's time to shave our legs and find our capris!)
It seems too good to be true!  This winter has felt endless!

#3:  NOT a Winter Wonderland Anymore!
view of our front walk with walls of snow on either side that are taller than Luke!

Reminds me of horror films!

View of our walkway from the house

Even the trees have had enough!

On the way to the grocery store today, Kate was singing to herself, "Snow, snow go away, come again another day."  Or next year, or never...that works too!

#4:  Time Change
As much as I dislike losing yet another hour of sleep....I am soooo ready for an extra hour of daylight!  
Extra hour of daylight=more melting snow!
Yes, please!

#5:  Bring on Spring
Yesterday, Jay read my post and thought I needed a little Spring!  So he came home with these...

Who knew that when you quote Lord of the Rings your husband brings you flowers and chocolate!?!
(take note ladies!:)

And continuing the Spring Theme.....

This morning, Andrew, Kate and I headed to Kohl's for a few things.  As soon as I walked in I was like a bug towards light saw all the pretty spring dresses everywhere!  Andrew saw what was happening and feared that the "quick" run into Kohls was going to turn into a boring shopping trip with mom trying on all kinds of things!  He dragged me away reminded me several times about my list!  He needed new jeans, I needed an outfit for my goddaughter's birthday present, some underpants for Kate to try and encourage potty training, and a couple of new pillows!  Did I mention the dresses were so pretty?!?  I managed to not buy any cute Frozen clothes for Kate.  I may have grabbed a dress or two for Sarah.(Ellie is in that in-between stage when everything needs to be tried on!  We will have to go shopping soon....I wouldn't want to be unfair;)

All the Easter colors and  Easter Baskets were so pretty and I am so ready to move on from this incredibly dreary winter and start trying to create some fun surprise baskets for the kids!

#6:  Spring Break Minus the Spring!
On a side note:  Andrew has been home on spring break this week and it has been so nice spending time with him!  It's also great to have one of my drivers back....he has run errands, checked on my grandfather, played lots and lots of hours of Legos with Luke, and picked up Luke at school a couple of days!  

I'm going to miss having him around:(...and not just bc he's been my minion;)! :)

#7:  He Said
We were watching the newish Nyquil commercials:  when moms and dads are sick but aren't able to call in sick for parenthood!

Ever notice that in the "dad" commercial, the dads take in the "mom" commercial the moms take Dayquil?

Andrew:  Wow, Nyquil made an accidentally sexist commercial!

(although I don't think it was accidental....moms just never really get sick time!;)

Happy Weekend!