Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday To You.....

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today is a special day!  I'll give you a hint...it starts with Ellie and ends with birthday!

Happy 11th Birthday, Ellie!

She has been excited for this day since she started counting down a month ago!  This morning, I walked out of my room and she was sitting on the couch with a huge Cheshire cat grin:)

Last night we made some chocolate cupcakes for her to take to school today.  Today also happened to be a fundraiser at school...so she got to buy a no uniform pass!  Not to mention, one of her favorite hot lunches was being served(creamed turkey)!  Bonus!

It's not easy being Ellie.  I have mentioned before that it is a challenge to have 4 teenagers/young adult siblings that have forgotten what it was like to not be a teenager!  

Ellie is super sister to Luke and Kate.  She plays with them all the time, inventing all kinds of games to keep them occupied.  She is very patient with them....and loves them as much as they love her!

Ellie has a huge heart...as big as her blue eyes(!)... that she wears on her sleeve.  Sensitive is definitely a good adjective for her....and she is a helper with a tremendous capacity to love.  

She loves to sing and she loves to be a part of everything!

 I can't imagine our lives without her!

Happy Birthday, Ellie!