Thursday, September 17, 2015

New School Year Update!

I seriously don't know how time passes so quickly!  I have written so many blog posts in my head that I'm shocked that it's been so long that I've actually gotten anything on my blog!!!

The last 2 weeks of August and the first 2 weeks of September always go by in a blur! Most of my kids are in school....with the exception of my youngest, who is home with me for just one.more.year, and my oldest, who graduated in May. Although Mike hasn't found a full time position, middle/high school history teaching positions are hard to find(!), he is subbing a lot. (So, technically he's in school, too! :)

Andrew is a Junior at UMass Dartmouth! He is majoring in computer science. (Which is good, because now I will have someone to fix my computer when it doesn't work!)
Andrew doesn't "do" pictures-he claims college is "too old" to take 1st day of school pics.
His "mugshot" pose is his form of protest!
My posting this pic is my form of revenge encouragement to smile in the future!

Jon is a Sophomore at UMass Dartmouth. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. (I think his choice of major came from all those years of Lego building!)
Thankfully, Jon likes to smile! :)

Sarah is a Junior in high school! Seriously, I can't even believe it! Sarah is a BIG over achiever and has an academic year packed with 4 AP classes plus religion, spanish and a 1/2 year course of computer science. She just wants to learn about everything!
1st day as an upperclassman!

Peter is still in a self contained classroom at our local collaborative.  His start of the year has been a little crazy...all of the other kids have aged out of his classroom and his main teacher is out on maternity leave until Thanksgiving.  After lots of prayer and consideration,(the continual thought in my head was "It's not good that the man should be alone"), Jay and I decided to pursue moving him to a different program. This week we met with our town's new SPED director, which is always a little stressful. The meeting went great and she agreed with our concerns. We will be visiting a new potential classroom on Tuesday morning.
Peter being Peter

Life with Peter is ALWAYS an adventure!

Ellie is in 7th grade at St Francis. She is 1/2 an inch shorter than I am and is really growing up!
Ready to go! :)

Luke is in Kindergarten and doing really well!  He has transitioned great into full days....he loves having lunch at school!
Luke and his cousin, Brayden, waiting in the Kindergarten line! :)

Kate is home with me.  She is missing her playmates, so I have been playing more than my fair share of "dollies" with her.  Not my favorite, but I know next year, when she goes to half day preschool, I will be missing these moments!

Kate and I aren't alone all day.  We have our friend, Declan, that comes to play.(Since my babies are growing up, I need to bring some in from the outside! I don't want my skills to get rusty....eventually I'll have grandbabies! :)
Isn't he a cutie?!?

I'm getting used to everyone's schedules...although clubs are starting next week for Sarah and Ellie so I'll have some adjusting to do! All in all, the school transition has gone pretty well for just about everyone!