Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The New Arendelle

Winter storm Juno took it's sweet time blowing through our area Monday and Tuesday!  The results were lots and lots of snow!

sledding down my parents' driveway

tasty snow

Luke in his "Hoth Base" that Daddy and Jon built for him
It was hard to measure because of all the wind and drifts but we definitely got close to 30 inches when all was said and done!

....It looks like someone ticked off Queen Elsa!  Guess we're the new Arendelle!

The kids have enjoyed the extra time off!  I'm very grateful that we never lost power....but Jay made sure the generator was ready to go just in case we did!

Honestly, I think bears have the right idea!  They get to eat anything and everything they want for a few months bc gaining weight is a good thing(!), sleep all winter, and wake up nice and thin in the spring and miss all this white stuff! (No worrying about finding snow boots that fit everyone, snow pants, hats, gloves...why we have 6 left hand gloves with no match is mind boggling!).

Can you tell I'm more of a book reading, hot chocolate drinking, sit by the fire kinda girl!;)

Stay warm and drive safe all of my Northeast friends!