Friday, January 23, 2015

Hooray For Weekends!

Quit Growing Up Already!
Sarah took the PSAT's in the Fall and apparently did really well on them!  All of a sudden, she is being inundated by college letters!  What the what?!?  I am NOT, repeat,  N.O.T., ready for this!  It's bad enough I have to let the boys get older, now Sarah, too!  This whole growing up process is soooo not easy on the parents!

Quick Trip
Jay took most of the high school youth group, including Sarah, Jon and Andrew, with a group from our parish to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. this week.  Everything went well but I don't have many details because they got home at 1am!

Luke asked why they were going to Washington.  Trying to think of an age appropriate answer he would understand, I came up with, "They are going to Washington to help remind people that babies are very important and need to be protected."  That satisfied "Mr. Questions"....he is curious about everything!

Quiet Time
While they were gone, I stayed behind with the younger half of our family.  Kate was running a low grade fever so we just hunkered down for 2 days snuggling, watching cartoons, and playing with princesses. (Honestly, it was kind of nice to be lazy!)  It felt SO quiet..and a little lonely...with only 5 people in the house!  Who knew?!?

All Things Star Wars
  Luke is obsessed with all things Lego Star Wars right now.  He got a snow speeder Lego for Christmas and now it's all he talks about!  He builds his own Star Wars ships, too.

At lunch yesterday:
Luke:(sounding so grown up!)  So, Mom, what do you want to talk about?
Me:  I don't know....what would you like to talk about?
Luke:  Um....Star Wars?(with a giant grin on his face)

Yep....he is officially obsessed!

Horsey Rides
We were at my nephew's 5th birthday party last weekend.  While there, Jay did what he does best:  get suckered into playing games with the littles!
Jay with my niece, Mya, and Kate

He would have had more takers, but a couple of the little boys were eating ice cream cones and decided they didn't want to risk parting with them to get a ride!

Brothers From Another Mother
My friend, Colleen, and her husband, Phil are some of our "couple friends".  We have a lot in common....especially our husbands!  Jay and Phil are both tall and thin and very laid back.  They both dress very casually in very "quiet" colors.  They are both awesome husbands and dads...very involved and always willing to pitch in even after they have done "their part".  They both love to talk religion and sports and kids...and ways to keep their wives happy!  It turns out that they both listen to faith talks when they exercise...Jay listens for the youth group and Phil bc he's the Department Head in Theology at Sarah's high school.  They even have the same ring tone on their phone!

Colleen and I have laughed about this for several weeks now and Jay always brushed it off.  Well, Jay gave a couple of talks on the bus while traveling to the March For Life in D.C.  Even though he put them together for the teens, the entire bus ended up listening to him.  After one of the talks, a parishioner he had never met came up to him and asked if he was going to do any more of the adult ed talks at the parish like he did last year.  Jay told her he had never done any talks at the parish before.  The woman insisted that "Yes, last year, I know your demeanor and voice, etc."  Jay asked if the class was on suffering.  She said, "Yes, that was you!"  Jay said, "No, that was Phil Martin."  She said, "No, I could swear it was you." 

So now Jay believes us...he has a "brother from another mother"!  

He Said
I have a bunch of funny things the kids said on I figured I would start sharing!:)

Walking from the pool area of our hotel back to our room(less than a 10 minute walk, but Luke was really tired that day!):
Luke:  Something's not right....someone's gonna need to carry me.
Jay:(after 3/4 of the distance):  I feel like I'm running the spartan race and I just can't do it anymore! Andrew:(who was carrying ice cream for Sarah that was melting all over his arm) I'll trade!
.......about 20 steps later
Andrew:  I've made a terrible mistake!

Have a great weekend!