Friday, June 5, 2020

Welcome to Party Month!

I can't believe it's actually June!

June is always a busy month around here, but this's a whole new level of crazy! Linking up with Kelly for some quick takes...and I actually did a halfway decent job keeping them pretty quick this week!

First up...

1. Fifty Years of I Do
My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow! My sister and I had wanted to throw them a party instead we are making them a special meal and desserts. Thankfully, our family size makes everything a small party! Hopefully, they will enjoy a little celebration of a very important milestone! 

(Jay's parents were also married in June and they will be celebrating 48 years towards the end of the month!) #blessed

My parents with all their grandkids(and spouses)

2. Birthdays Galore
We have a few June birthdays to celebrate, too. None of our children were born in June...which I was happy about because the month was too busy already! Marisa, Jay and my mom all have birthdays this week. My birthday is next week and my sister's is the last day of the month. (We are always a little sick of cake by the end of the month!)

3. Bridal Shower
We are FINALLY getting to have a bridal shower for Marisa! We had to reschedule two times because of Covid 19 but the wait is almost over. I am SO happy that Marisa will get to experience some of the "normal" bridal events. These last few months have been filled with so much uncertainty, disappointment and rescheduling! It's exciting to finally be able to plan details for a day that will actually happen! Thank you, God!

4. Father's Day
The day after the shower is Father's Day. Usually we make brunch for my dad and Jay's dad. Then I made a special dinner for Jay. Beyond that, I hope we will just have some nice family time and get in a nap! I'm sure we will be tired from the day before. 

Sounds like a chock full month already, right?! 

But wait...there's more!

5. Rehearsal Dinner
The last weekend in June FINALLY brings to fruition something we've been waiting for since May of 2018! After much angst, and having to reschedule the original May 24th date, Jon and Marisa are getting married! All of the unknowns, planning and unplanning then planning again, is going to be over. It's been such a roller coaster ride!

The plan was always to have a backyard rehearsal dinner...which is a good thing since restaurants aren't even open yet and will have limited capacity and lots of social distancing rules once they do open. We've been doing a lot of yard work and house projects in the last couple of months and the list is still pretty long! Thankfully, I have a couple of friends who are amazing party planners and they are helping me come up with ideas to make everything extra special. After all Jon and Marisa went through, I want to this day to have lots of beauty and joy. #itsamomthing  Thankfully, Jay just sighs and goes along with it. He's also surprised me a couple of times and elevated the ideas I had to another level. I can't wait to see it all come together. (I will definitely share pics;)

6. One More Change
Our governor finally made the reopening stages more detailed and clear earlier this week, which made it apparent that a reception with dancing...(very important to Marisa)...was not going to happen on the 28th. So, Jon and Marisa decided to move the reception to the end of August. 

which means....
7. One.More.Party 
After the wedding and pictures, we will be having an "after wedding party" here at the house. When Jon, Marisa and I first started throwing ideas around about what they would like the party to look like, Jon labeled it "fake reception". Marisa didn't like that at all! So we dubbed it the "after wedding party".  It's not an actual reception and we can't invite everyone over...which we feel bad about...but everyone has been so kind and understanding. 

This party will have a few more details than the rehearsal dinner to honor this special day. (a.k.a. more things added to Jay's list...and a few more orders placed on Amazon and Etsy) It's a lot of planning but it will definitely be worth it! I'm excited for the day to get here...but I don't want it to come too quickly because we still have lots to do! 

If you think of it, please pray for good weather for all these outdoor events! Decent weather is definitely crucial!

After June is over, I plan to sleep my way through most of July!

Have a great weekend!