Sunday, May 19, 2019

Happy Everything!

This has been an exciting weekend! Sarah graduated Summa Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree in Communications Disorders from Bridgewater State University. It’s been an exciting journey...a very quick journey I might add. Sarah managed to finish a four year degree in almost two years!! How you might ask? Well, Sarah is truly an exceptional student. She took 9 AP classes in high school and passed all of the tests for credit. She also took the Spanish CLEP test the summer before she started college and did so well that she got 12 more college credits. Somehow, all the credits that she had going into college fit just right into Bridgewater’s framework, and she started college with enough credits to be considered a junior! 

Sarah was Sarah all through college and was her normal overachieving self! She even pushed herself in the very last semester. She found out Bridgewater offered a certificate course is TESOL.(Teaching English as a Second or Other Language) It required four classes, but one she had already taken as part of her major. So, the last semester of college Sarah still took 6 courses to earn that certificate! #overachiever

Sarah wants to be a Speech Therapist and will be continuing on at Bridgewater to pursue a Master's Degree. That was a tough decision for Sarah. She applied to several Master's Degree programs, and Emerson was her absolute favorite. Yet, when numbers were crunched and the positive and negatives of each program were weighed, Sarah decided that Bridgewater would be the place she could earn the degree she wants without creating a massive amount of debt. She's already been trying to get an assistantship at Bridgewater. It's very promising that she will be able to get one, which would pay for her tuition plus a little extra that should cover most of her living expenses. If everything falls into place, Sarah will graduated with a Master's Degree with zero college debt since she got a full scholarship as an undergraduate and commuted so she wouldn't have to pay for dorming. 

That's definitely not a bad way to start out life as an adult!

Sarah's graduation cap:
~picture of the brain which Sarah colored and labeled
~ComD..short for Communications Disorders
~See You Again Soon...bc she'll be back in the fall for Grad School
~sun,fossil,bus: " 's' sound in a word in the initial, medial, and final position"...that's a speech therapy thing.

As if this weekend wasn't exciting enough, today is Sarah's 20th birthday! What a way to start a new decade!

Happy Everything, Sarah! 

Dad and I are so proud of your achievements! Even more than that, we are so proud of the faithful and kind young woman you are! We are so blessed to be your parents!