Friday, April 10, 2015

7 Quick Takes Happy Easter Edition!:)

Happy Easter!  Sharing some Easter Pics for 7 Quick Takes Friday!

1.  Easter Outfits!

#2:  Family Pic
My good friend, Colleen, always gets these great family pics near the alter of all her kids color coordinated!  So I begged asked my kids for just one quick family pic!(no matching required!)  Everyone cooperated EXCEPT Luke!  He was upset because he wanted to wear his "homemade" Luke Skywalker costume..... 

...Yep.....that's it! Oh the joys!

#3:  Egg Hunt
It was cold but sunny on Easter so we were able to have our annual Egg Hunt with my in-laws!  The littles looked like pros!:)

Luke and my nephew, Brayden

My niece, Mya
 #4:  Cousin Pic!

#5:  Sisters

#6:  Daddy with Older Daughters....

....And Sons!

 #7:  And Then There Were Two!