Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Consistently Inconsistent

I don't know about you, but the days seem to be rushing right on by!  There seems to be so much packed into each week, with lots more to plan in the next few weeks!  My lack of posts certainly shows my inability to balance all the 'extras' of this Advent Season! 

Here's what's been keeping me busy...besides laundry, dishes, and cooking!

Momnipotent Wrap-Up
The 8 week Momnipotent study that I ran though our school had it's last meeting this week.  I really enjoyed the video segments of the study!  We switched up the small groups every week, so it was great to get to know everyone.  All of the moms that participated are amazing ladies.  Everyone brought unique perspectives to the group.  

I'm going to miss this weekly gown-up time!

A Visit From The Bishop
We have a new Bishop in our diocese that arrived in September.(I think)  Bishop Da Cunha celebrated Mass on Wednesday at our Parish on our Patron Saint Day, St. Francis Xavier.  Msgr. had most of the alter boys present to serve Mass.

While I am all done with all of my Christmas shopping, my Mom and I had gotten a bunch of 'Loft bucks' on Black Friday.  Not wanting them to go to waste(!), I asked my friend, Laura, to go shopping this past Friday morning.  It was so much fun, we got some great deals, and it reminded me how much I love shopping with friends!

Tis' the Season
Our weekend was filled with lots of seasonal activities!  Sarah and I were invited to attend a tea that my mil's garden club puts on.  The sandwiches and pastries were yummy and we sat with some very personable women.  

Saturday night, Jay and I got to go on a double date with our friends!  It was so much fun to get together with grown-ups!  We went out for an early supper so that we could all get our toddlers to bed.....#eatingwiththeelderly.  Then, we went back to their house to visit for a bit until I got the text from Andrew and Sarah that Kate was nearing meltdown mode.  It was pouring all afternoon/evening, and when we went to leave our van was stuck in their grass!  Ugh!  Despite our husbands' valiant efforts and help from their neighbor's 3 teenage sons, we could not budge the van!  AAA was called and all was saved.

....except their grass!  Sorry Phil and Colleen!  We will help you re-seed in the spring!

Sunday was my work's Christmas brunch....then family time and football.  Thankfully, the Pat's pulled off an ugly win!

I just can't seem to fit in the blogging in any consistent way this month!  With some exciting changes happening this week and the ramp up for holiday happenings starting as well, I think I'm looking at much of the same for the next several weeks!

Thanks for bearing with me!:)  

Here's to hoping that we all take advantage of the joys of the Advent Season!