Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's All About The Memories

I'm attempting to get a post in before Tuesday gets away from me!  We had a full, but fun, weekend, that included, but was not limited to:  a little cleaning, birthday party for Jay's mom, Ellie's first basketball game, our Parish Variety Show, Mass, a walk in the woods, Jay taking the youth group to a nursing home, and watching the Patriot's game!  Phew!

The weekend certainly flew by.  So did Monday!  Now Tuesday is 3/4 over!  Anyone know a way to slow time down?  No?  Well, if you figure it out please email me!!!

Here's a few picture highlights from our weekend:)

Ellie and her classmates from the team:  They won:)

Luke and Daddy

Kate caught up!

Luke has to climb on every rock he sees!

Me and the littles

Loving the 'walking together' shots!

Daddy showing Luke and Kate different things about the pond.
He told them stories about fishing with his cousin Jeff when they were kids.

Daddy with his youngest son and daughter!

It wasn't a long walk because it was brisk here on Sunday.  But, the little kids had fun and the four of us got some fresh air..and some together time!

After all...it's all about the memories!;)